FibroTech Basic light/fin WHITE-PAINTED 600×1200 mm



FibroTech Basic (wood wool 1.5 mm) 25 mm panel thickness with 5 mm. Bevel

Dimensions: 600×1200 mm


– 0,72 (600×1200 mm)

TUN no. 1838883

Number/pallet:  80

Price:  Per panel

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White ceilings at the best prices from FibroTech. Enjoy excellent acoustics in your rooms with FibroTech acoustic ceilings. You will notice the difference.

FibroTech is the name behind our acoustic panels. FibroTech acoustic ceilings are quite simply made of cement and wood wool. We use the finest, white cement from Aalborg Portland. This combination provides many unique benefits such as noise reduction, sound insulation, acoustics regulation and a healthy indoor climate. It also contains effective fire protection properties. FibroTech provides many possibilities. Our acoustic panels are, among other things, available with various edges and come in all dimensions and colours.


Excellent acoustics

Our wood-wool cement provides rooms – or various divisions of rooms – with excellent acoustics. The use of FibroTech acoustic panels
provides acoustics regulation and reduces reverberation. Our products are therefore particularly suitable as lining on indoor ceilings, vaulted or not, offices, any room with hard flooring, halls, roofed terraces, sports centres, garages, stables etc.


100% natural product

Our wood-wool cement panels are made of the natural products wood and cement, combining constructional strength with natural properties.

Acoustic lining not only creates a comfortable sound environment but also provides an improved indoor climate.


Effective fire protection properties

Our panels have fire protection properties that are crucial to passive fire protection of constructions. For example, a high melting point and a low smoke concentration are extremely important when evacuating persons from buildings.

All of our products are CE-marked and meet the fire safety requirements for fire class B/s1/d0.


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FibroTech Basic (wood wool 1.5 mm) 25 mm panel thickness with 5 mm. bevel

Dimensions: 600 × 1200 x 25 mm (0.72 m²)

TUN no.  1838883

Number/pallet:  80

Price:  Per panel