How to install FibroTech acoustic panels correctly

Wood-wool cement installation


Barcode installation


FibroTech is made of the natural materials wood wool, cement and water which will lead to variations in the panels. This applies to the way they look but also to the actual panel dimensions.

FibroTech's tolerance of +/- 2mm in length, width and angle is based on 21-23 degrees, 50% relative humidity.

If FibroTech is stored differently than our instructions, it may cause changed panel dimensions and weights. Always read the instructions before using FibroTech's products.

If FibroTech wood-wool cement is stored outside (not recommended), protecting the panels with tarpaulin is important. Allowing fresh air to and from the panels is important to keep them ventilated and prevent them from absorbing moisture.

FibroTech wood-wool cement should always be stored indoors. Before installation, remove all plastic and distribute the panels with small sticks or bearers between each panel to begin acclimatisation. The panels must be acclimatised. Do not use alternative solutions such as hot air generators or the like.

It is important that the panels adjust to the room temperature and humidity before installation. To prevent the panels from contracting, do not install the FibroTech panels until the construction has been entirely closed off. If possible, wait until painting has been completed as paint also releases moisture for the panels to absorb.

FibroTech is kiln-dried from the factory but may have been exposed to external factors allowing the panels to absorb moisture causing a risk of the panels contracting after installation. FibroTech wood-wool cement must be stored horizontally on a pallet or on at least 4 bearers. Do not stack FibroTech pallets before installation.

FibroTech prescribes that panels must be battened in the building at least 12 days before installation.

FibroTech wood-wool cement installation

FibroTech wood-wool cement can be installed lengthwise or across wooden shutter boards that stay within the dimensions 22x95 mm as a minimum. The maximum centre distance in-between is 600 mm.

FibroTech wood-wool cement panels are intended for panels to be bonded with no joints visible in a row as the panels sometimes work after installation. Push the panels together tightly.

Install FibroTech wood-wool cement with screws approved for the purpose.
FibroTech installation guidelines are based on the installation of the panels only, not the underlying materials. Contact a building expert.

Operation and maintenance

Following installation of FibroTech ceilings, vacuum-cleaning the ceiling is recommended to remove any dust from cutting and screwing. Use a brush nozzle.

In case of streaks or dirt on FibroTech wood-wool cement panels during installation, remove with sandpaper, grit 40, or with a firmly wrung cloth. If the panels are painted, you can buy FibroTech touch-up paint for the panels.

FibroTech wood-wool cement panels require no more cleaning or care than other products. Clean as required. Use a vacuum cleaner or a dust brush.

If unpainted panels have been installed and you would like to paint the panels at a later time, please contact the closest dealer/painter for assistance.